World Photography Day 2016

Happy World Photography Day! Here are some favourites that I’ve taken over the years.

For me, photography is a daily scrapbook, a freeze frame of a moment that most people will miss – not necessarily taking in the sights and the skyscrapers, but digging a little deeper, finding a different perspective, and uncovering the underbelly.

As someone who grew up as part of “the internet generation”, I watched 56k dial-up become 100Mb fibre-optic. And with that, the incredible progression of smartphone technology. My first camera phone was atrocious – low-resolution, fuzzy, cloudy photos barely worth using. Now we have devices with increasingly low aperture, huge dynamic range, and colour/light capture on par with an entry-level DSLR. As astounding as it is to have a device like that in your back pocket, it’s hard to not become fully reliant on your camera phone. More often than not, I’ll go an entire trip with my Canon sitting at the bottom of my rucksack collecting sand, whilst my iPhone and I dance around like a snap-happy couple. A constant battle of discipline. I’ll have a word with myself.

In order; New York, Cuba, Paris, Barcelona, Sardinia, Poland, Sweden. And Aldershot.









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