Hell bent for leather

Universal photography go-to Canon have completely lost their minds and styled their hugely popular EOS DSLR to mimic a classic 35mm camera. On paper, that sounds like an “okay-ish-maybe” idea. In reality, it looks a little bit shit.


I mean, I can see what they are trying to achieve. But it just doesn’t look quite right. The plastic, unsurprisingly, looks just like plastic. And that leather hand grip could have been a beautiful rust tan. Instead, it’s a cold winter afternoon mud-brown. The smashed-up cherry on the cake is the off-black lens, which really cannot be helped, as 90% of Canon’s consumer lenses are off-black. It just does not look right.

Canon, you’re Canon. You don’t need to try to be cool. Don’t be the dancing uncle at the party.

These guys nailed it…




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